Gamergate – The Final Chapter (fingers crossed)

The Two Camps It would be hard to classify the Gamergate fiasco into distinct “organizations,” because the conflict didn’t begin that way, and never really coalesced into concrete organizations fighting each other. However, it would be appropriate to call the opposing sides “camps,” for lack of a better word. Since the conflict began very personal… Read More Gamergate – The Final Chapter (fingers crossed)

Final Write-Up

#BlueLivesMatter refers to the blue uniform that police wear. The hashtag #BlueLivesMatter is used as a tag on posts regarding anything about support and sympathy for the police force or discussing the importance of the police force in communities in general. #BlueLivesMatter is often used as a response to another very common hashtag, #BlackLivesMatter, which… Read More Final Write-Up

Do We Want More Trans-People in the World?

Protecting traditional gender roles in 2016 on “new media” is one of the greatest uphill battles I have ever seen. Organizations like the “American Family Association” and YouTubers like Paul Joseph Watson were some of the only people I saw with legitimate followings and semi-legitimate arguments against progression. However, the rest of the argument seems… Read More Do We Want More Trans-People in the World?