Reading Questions – 28th November, 2016

Access Contested: Toward the Fourth Phase of Internet Controls

  • Do you think the Great Wall of China is blocking access to worldwide markets?
  • Do you think countries would be able to keep up with adjusting their censorship tools to align with the evolution of the internet?
  • In delegating surveillance and censorship to private companies, who do you think is responsible for public accountability and responsibility of any issues that arise? The national government or the private companies?


Cute cats to the Rescue? Participatory Media and Political Expression

  • Do you think governments like those of Tunisia and Malaysia would figure out a way to completely censor/control the internet of their countries?
  • What is latent capacity? How can the concept be useful for activists and their causes?
  • Which do you think is better for activists in achieving their demands – having the governments block private websites or mainstream media e.g. Facebook, Twitter etc.


Cool Tools for Tyrants

  • Do you think the sophisticated censorship tools that China uses would last through the continuous evolution of the internet?
  • Should there be an international law prohibiting or permitting the sale of software that helps censor internet usage between countries?
  • Would internet censorship protests be more effective if the censorship is only national or over specific websites in that country?

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