Fear the Liberal Agenda

White nationalism is not mainstream. Trump winning over the majority of the country has shocked the mainstream, liberal world. Racism, homophobia, xenophobia, and sexism have been looked down upon and shunned in the mainstream world. Liberals (including myself) believed this was the future and it could not be derailed. Now we see that this isn’t the case. Conservatives with backwards views of the world have large numbers and large influence. We live in a new world. The confidence of the vocal liberal population has been severely shaken. It is difficult to call every Trump supporter a racist, close-minded, bigot because there are so many now. Some of their arguments have validity.

During my research of the groups claiming advocacy for traditional gender roles, I’ve seen a few common themes. One would be general dissatisfaction with the current political state as well as specifically being dissatisfied with President Obama’s administration. The recent legal action supporting gay and transgender rights by the federal government has given many a conservative activist reason to complain and call for change. The president is meant to be the face of our nation and so it would make the most sense for conservatives upset about the state of our Union to voice their complaints with him as the target. However, the conservative public that has a voice in these different mediums also targets the liberal media and the odd community of “mentally disabled” people that are vying for rights. They see the transgender community as a bizarre minority that shouldn’t be given special treatments that may endanger others.


The people I’ve seen commenting on Youtube and Facebook posts always have so much conviction for their beliefs. There are many people that seem to stand on the fence when it comes to issues like this. They will say things like, “as long as it doesn’t affect me,” or something of that nature. However, in situations like transitioning to multi-gender bathrooms there is strong resistance from the conservative community. Now we aren’t just talking about labels and unseen operations. We’re talking about strangers entering bathrooms with our wives and children! Issues like this bring the most determined responses from the conservative community.

Lastly, it always seems like the conservative community has this “back against the wall” mentality. The way that the liberal media paints the picture of our country it always seems like progression in everything is the obvious next step. Gay rights is lauded by them and therefore it must be the popular opinion. I can’t imagine a world where homophobia would be commonplace in media but under the veil of liberation there is a dark underside. There are many people that are against many of the changes that are sure to come eventually. The Target boycott comes from a group of people that believe that they must stand up against this very vocal minority. The speakers of the group always speak in a way that makes them sound like they have a long exhaustive fight and they must keep their conviction against this liberal agenda.


The opposite side, the liberal, progressive side has seemingly constant open support with nothing but conviction. There is so much love and positivity from them that it seems stupid to fight against. People will tweet, facebook, snap, and make creative Youtube videos in support of transgender rights/acceptance. They are generally a lot funnier and sometimes more prone to aggression than the other side. However, their comedy and joy makes it seem like a more attractive side to be on.


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