Black Lives Matter vs. Blue Lives Matter

Blue Lives Matter refers to the blue uniform that police officers wear. The hashtag #BlueLivesMatter is used as a tag on posts regarding anything about support and sympathy for the police force or discussing the importance of the police force in communities in general. #BlueLivesMatter is often used as a response to another very common hashtag, #BlackLivesMatter, which regards the overwhelming number of shootings of Black individuals by the police. The average Blue Lives Matter supporter are older Caucasians. It is probably someone related to the police force considering the official movement is said to be a group of active or retired officers. Black Lives Matter was founded by a group of women, and their supporters are younger.  The two movements use different styles not only on social media but with their whole platform. Blue Lives Matter and Black Lives Matter differ in more ways than one. Black Lives Matter and Blue Lives Matter both use the same mediums to get the attention of society. They both have Twitter, Facebook and Website page. However how they use it in terms of wording and layout is different.

On the Blue Lives Matter webpage, I got a very gloomy and defensive vibe from them. When I read their “About” section they say derogatory things about their opposers. They have a very defensive, an aggressive demeanor evident in the quote: “In today’s evolving society, an increasing number of citizens fail to accept responsibility for their actions and attempt to escape the consequences through outward blame(Blue Lives Matter)”. Whereas Black Lives Matter has a more positive, hoping for change vibe evident in the quote: “#BlackLivesMatter is working for a world where Black lives are no longer systematically and intentionally targeted for demise (Black Lives Matter).” Their website includes the images of the most publicized police brutality case victims and their statements on their webpage stem from facts and not opinion evident by the statistics they post on their web page.


As I previously stated they both have Twitter pages but how they utilize it is very different. Blue Lives Matter use Twitter to express their views to society and they also use their platform to endorse political candidates such as Donald Trump. Based on their endorsement of Trump it would safe to say their core followers are people who have more conservative views and generally vote republican.


By using the social media analysis tool, I found that the major hashtags associated with my issue on Twitter are #Trump2016, #BlackLivesMatter, #AllLivesMatter, #MAGA, #tcot, #Dallas, #PJNet, #PoliceLivesMatter, #WakeUpAmerica, and #ThinBlueLine. #MAGA stands for “Make America Great Again.” TCOT is Top Conservatives on Twitter and PJNet is the Patriot Journalist Network, conservatives trying to advance the conservative cause through twitter usage. Whereas the major hashtags associated with Black Lives Matter are #BlackTwitter (their core following community), #PhilandoCastle, #AltonSterling, #SandraBland, #EricGarner (who are the names of the victims of the more publicized police brutality cases). It is pretty generally understood that particular news outlets have particular ways in which they relay the news to their viewers. For example, FOX news is one of those news outlets that tends to skew its segments towards more conservative views- as opposed to CNN, whose general tone is more liberal. During the election, FOX news reported more on Donald Trump than they did Hilary Clinton, and the interviewees they had on their show were clearly more in favor of Trump. Whereas CNN tried to give equal coverage of both candidates, and their liberal tone coincided more with Hilary. More people who support the Black Lives Matter movement support, Hilary- not necessarily agreeing with her campaign, but because of the people who endorsed her, like President Obama, Pusha-T, the black community, along with the #IAmWithHer tag that gained a lot of popularity. As a trend on social media, #BlackLivesMatter tag does not involve many posts about politics. There is more emphasis placed on the mission and goal of the movement rather than a political stance. Black Lives Matter use their Twitter page to post the stories of local injustices of all minorities not just injustices in the African American communities. They are definitely more passionate about their cause because they don’t only talk about their movement they rally together and go out on the streets and protest.


Whereas the #BlueLivesMatter tag involves a lot of posts about immigration laws, anti-Muslim, anti-gay, and anti-Hilary, pro-Trump. Blue Lives Matter is definitely more hostile and aggressive, but Black Lives Matter would have to be more passionate.


2016-11-19 (6).png

Blue Lives Matter tends to always be on the defense- making rebuttals are arguments against Black Lives Matter or anything else that they see as opposition to the Blue Lives Matter movement. Black Lives Matter makes a point to get offline and get in the community to work and make their mission and goals a reality. In contrast, Blue Lives Matter supporters try to use anything to discredit their opposition and in an effort to endorse their views they tend to disrespect others.2016-11-19-2


Just by looking at a map of the electoral college votes in this past election, I would say that Blue Lives Matter supporters are presumably middle-aged Caucasian people in the South and Western region of the United States. Evident by their racial slurs and old time views on people of color I assume they are not surrounded by many minorities in their community. In contrast, Hilary’s supporters are more along the eastern side of the United States in the more liberal states.


By: Aminah & Paula

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