YouTube’s Trans-phobic Community

YouTube has a surprisingly large community of supporters for gender normativity (although the size of the community still pales in comparison to the progressive community). Some YouTubers seem quite professional in their video production, while others seem like the more average American citizen, recording videos on their phones and posting to make a statement. The community of progressive, transgender supporters seems more motivated and vocal in the comments sections of most vidos there is always a firm conservative voice to be found.


The few professional YouTubers who have taken a stance on this topic are usually not quite that popular but their audiences can’t be dismissed. The most popular video that I found was titled “What Pisses Me Off About Transgender Bathrooms” and it has 614,729 views, 26,575 likes and 4,849 dislikes. It was made by Paul Joseph Watson, who has over half a million subscribers and speaks on many different subjects. He specifically called out Target and many other businesses that are trying to make liberal policy changes in the states for doing business in many other countries with laws that persecute specifically the gay community. Most recently, he has been speaking on the behavior of some Liberals in response to Trump winning the elections (over a million views on this video). He’s actually really well spoken and does enough research to support his claims that liberal America is actually a bunch of idiots. Another page named, The Vigilant Christian, gets a couple thousand views per video but his videos are usually on topics such as “illuminati exposed in” some mainstream organization or event.


In addition to the professional YouTubers posting their opinions of the Transgender situation, there are many average citizens who have grabbed a smartphone and recorded themselves discussing their thoughts on the issue and making examples. A woman with 27 thousand views chopped up her Target credit card in a target parking lot and encouraged others to do the same. Plenty of other people have posted videos in their cars in their homes discussing their views on the Target bathroom situation.


In general, the transphobic community and the trans-supportive communities are at constant odds. The comments sections are always full of heated debate. It is difficult to find winners and losers in this opinion based battle but those who resort to insults and vulgarity are usually the losers in my book. Those who lack any substance to their comments or any support to their arguments are the weaker debaters. Lately, I’ve seen surprisingly powerful comments from the transphobic community. The debates often come to discussion about the freedom/protection of children from the world/themselves. Many believe that there is a certain age before a person can/should be able to decide what gender they are. Some believe that there should be a certain age for when a person can decide to take hormones or undergo a surgery.


I can’t say that I know what the correct opinion is. The comments don’t have quite enough support for their reasoning to sway a casual viewer such as myself. While I don’t believe that we should strangle our children with restrictions and misunderstandings, I also understand that most children shouldn’t be allowed to make too many decisions. Hormones and surgeries are serious subjects and perhaps this should be addressed on more individual circumstances. Bathrooms could be the same way. Perhaps individual businesses should be allowed to choose whether their restrooms are unisex or not. I don’t believe allowing all genders to use whatever bathrooms they choose would increase the amount of assaults or harassment or endanger children and women. However, I can understand why some may feel this way. I’ve actually seen a man masturbating in a bathroom at GSU. It was through a mirror and I saw him through the crack of the bathroom stall. No one should have to see that. I don’t even know if it’s legal. There are far too many crazy people in this world, but it could be said that this is a part of what makes the world special.

(apologies for lateness)



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