Lights, Camera, Dying Immigrant Reform

The topic of immigrant rights for the undocumented is one that is demonstrated in different ways through various media. The supporters of the movement on these media unanimously call for respect and the right to be treated as individuals rather than just workers. Comparing Facebook and Twitter to YouTube, there are similar trends on immigrant rights. There are clips by popular news media outlets such as NBC & WIVBTV, and different news outlet such as Next News Network. They cover the same issues and upload videos that are intended to educate the public on the progress of the immigration reform. They also present protests and marches done by supporters of the movement. One example is the protest that recently shut down the George Washington Bridge during rush hour in New York. This particular post, which was seen in a Twitter post through a link last week, shows that the medium of YouTube is sometimes used as a reference for Facebook and Twitter. Seeing as both of the main social media networks can be limited, YouTube helps to show a more detailed video of an event related to the movement.

The primary users on YouTube are Julissa Arce, Nathaniel Vang, Blaine Stuart, which are different from those on Facebook or Twitter. They identify as emerging voices for immigrant rights. A different theme that appeared was the use of audiobooks and webinars to spread the awareness of the cause. Since it’s YouTube, I assumed that videos of interviews and documentaries only would be used to create awareness. The users emphasize the viewing of the young immigrants as solely workers, and not as individuals. One user, Casa Esperanza with 139 subscribers and over 66k views uses their page as a platform to advertise their services in providing low-cost legal services to undocumented immigrants. They also highlight successful Latino Americans, using the medium to encourage younger ones and influence their life choices.

Screen Shot 2016-11-10 at 11.58.28 AM.png

One type of user that is generic to Twitter and other mainstream media is the general state union for immigrant rights. e.g. Virginia Coalition for Immigrant Rights, Phoenix March for Immigrant Rights, Illinois Coalition for Immigrant Rights and California Coalition for Immigrant Rights. These types of accounts are unanimous through the modern media networks and other networks such as Tumblr. Through all these accounts, they organize each of their posts to their followers on each network such that the same information is being spread out through each. Some of their posts on mainstream media are used as links or references in other different media networks.

Screen Shot 2016-11-10 at 12.03.21 PM.pngScreen Shot 2016-11-10 at 12.03.37 PM.png

Morty and Jake’s Immigrant Rights Blog is a unique page on Tumblr to me. This is because their page is dedicated to movements e.g. abortion, immigrant rights. Their page is also the most prominent on immigrant rights that is not tied to an area or state. They take care not to appear one-sided or seem like a supporter of one party of a movement. They post articles on both sides of the argument and open the floor to commenters to give their opinions. They also help their users post detailed and comprehensive reports on their stances on different movements. One thing I admire about this blog is their willingness to highlight the flaws in movements and provide advice on possible improvement for the organizers of the movements.

Screen Shot 2016-11-08 at 7.15.25 PM.png

Screen Shot 2016-11-08 at 7.22.35 PM.png

On Reddit, there seems to be a lot of similarity with the methods implemented by Facebook and Twitter such as links to videos and articles that brings attention to the struggles that undocumented immigrants face. There is also a relation of these current issues facing the population to the recent elections. While Twitter and Facebook consist of users such as Jackie Reyes (@jackieeereyes) outpouring their thoughts about the loss of immigration reform with the results, users on Reddit tell their stories through their posts. Multiple users related stories of young children frightened about being deported and separated from their families. One neat thing about the method used on Reddit is that the readers get to read the stories or posts right there rather than clicking on a link to usher the reader to a site with the post (as Facebook and Twitter do). This is one feature I admire about the media network that is separate from mainstream media. One thing that surprised me about Reddit is that there are no influential users on the network. I believe this is the case because of the way the media is set up – users don’t have “friends” or “followers” like Facebook and Twitter do.

Screen Shot 2016-11-08 at 7.10.36 PM.png

Overall, there are some similar patterns and trends, as well as some different trends on the topic of immigration rights and immigration reform through all types of social media networks.

Screen Shot 2016-11-08 at 7.25.25 PM.png


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