“I’m sorry for your loss.” -The World

Well. Donald Trump is the Unites States’ new President-elect.


I wish I could say that popular posts on Facebook, Reddit, and Twitter were exciting, hopeful, and encouraging, but, alas, they have been nothing short of abysmal. Increases in mental health seekers and tweets relating to depression paint an accurate portrait of the state of the country. With a majority result for the popular vote, Hillary’s followers have reacted in various ways. The most common thread across sites has been the reporting of riots and protests in multiple large cities.


For as many reports of anti-Trump riots as there are, there are equal amounts of Liberal-shaming. Post after post shown on WSJ’s Facebook Tracker, Bluefeed, Redfeed, depicts people and media outlets asserting that liberals should quit complaining, get their emotions together, and accept a Trump presidency. Conservative Tribune, commenting on the outbreak, says, “All some Democrats know how to do is riot and cause destruction when they don’t get their way.” Another quote from NewsBusters.org has an article’s headline saying, “Could the liberal media talking heads get any more melodramatic?” They even went to far as to create this video compilation.

The issue with this Liberal-shaming, however, is that many of these people are WASPy conservatives. They haven’t tasted the social issues that many who voted for Hillary have either become educated about or experienced firsthand. One heated narrative stemming from Van Jones via CNN on Twitter says that this election’s outcome is a “whitelash” against progress and eight years of a black presidency.

In addition to this, many are saying that they feel personally victimized by the results of the election. Not only did someone who has been called a racist, sexist, xenophobe get elected, but hate won. Muslims all over Twitter are fearing for their livelihood for the following months and years, wondering if they should begin plans to flee to another country. A Tweet from George Takai with almost 500 favorites references a post from Mic.com:

Screen Shot 2016-11-10 at 12.43.02 PM.pngAs pictured, the tweet has over 90,000 favorites, showing that this girl’s experience resonates with many others.

An additional haunting set of tweets and Reddit posts depicted the prophetic scenes from an old episode of The Simpsons. The Guardian picks it up, adding an interview with the show’s writer. He tells that Lisa, the first white, female President has been elected President, right after Trump leaves the White House in a terrible state. “We’re broke!” she says to her staff. The writer stated that the episode depicted Trump of all people because he seemed like the last (and worst) option preceding the downfall of America.


So, where can we find hope? On the conservative side, the narrative remains that Trump is exactly the change America needs. Many people have felt unrepresented by the traditional bipartisan system currently in place, and say that Trump’s business skills are precisely what we need. A post from the Facebook of The Federalist Papers says regarding voting for Trump, “It was ALL about making American great again.” Many have come out and said that just because they voted for Trump doesn’t mean they are personally racist, misogynist, or xenophobic. This plea is a slightly comforting thought for liberals who are disheartened and saying things like, “hate won.” On the other hand, a majority red house, senate, and presidential office could heavily influence the next four years because they could enact racist or sexist policies with a majority vote.

Hillary’s concession speech, live broadcasted on abcnews.com, UsWeekly, and more, left many in tears of inspiration and disappointment. A Facebook post from Mic praises what has been called a gracious acceptance of the outcome. Hillary reached into the hearts of young girls, people of all faiths, and the deeply grieved, relaying her confidence that the United States will work best as a country when we collaborate—better together.

Screen Shot 2016-11-10 at 4.12.35 PM.pngWith over one million views, a news reporter interviews a man late Tuesday night, evidently upset, expressing his concern and disappointment with the results. “Hillary, we need you; women need you; minorities need you; I need you; Chicago needs you; we all need you!”

The next four years shall come to show whether or not his statements are true.


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