The Digital Divide Discussion Questions

The Digital Divide is a policy based issue that may have a solution that we could see come to fruition in our lifetimes. Brainstorm solutions for closing or greatly diminishing the Digital Divide, and use the reading as a source to reinforce your ideas. Make sure you’re able to answer all of the questions, and defend your solution.

  1. Do you think technology is helping to close class disparities, exacerbate them, or reinforce them? Can you give specific examples of how and why?

  1. What are the biggest obstacles to closing the digital gaps? What solutions do you see for closing the gaps? What issues can you see arising from yours, or other solutions?

  1. In what ways do you think social media is affecting these disparities? Can you think of any ways in which Social Media could be (or is) used to effectively diminish class and/or digital access disparities?


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