Convergence for the Conservatives

The groups that have given the type of thought to the subject of gender roles that involves new and innovative ways of communicating ideas are usually the progressive side. The conservative end, those who are attempting to protect traditional gender roles are usually pretty simplistic. It’s nothing but heavily Christian groups that have less conviction than their counterparts. The American Family Association claims to have a studio to work on producing things for this new media age but their website is empty!! Their Facebook Page is populated by news articles, a few videos and memes.The only thing that unifies the individuals with problems against trans-people seems to be Christianity and this Target Boycott. Everything is else is so broad and so spread out that I’m starting to actually believe that these people have better things to do than hate on trans-people on the internet. actually-p-funny

The highlight of remix culture in 2016 is the use of MEMES. The conservative, Christian organizations on Facebook and Twitter all definitely have taken part in the use of this medium of communication. For every issue including gender equality/transgender rights the conservative, Christian groups of the internet have put together full web 2.0 based websites but their content creations pretty much stop there. The American Family Association seems to be the biggest creator in the conservative Christian scene and even they have a pretty weak website. I was hoping to find an app or perhaps some videos targeting gender roles but so far they have yet to post such a video.


Modern day media success seems to be very connected with comedy and sadly the conservative Christians just aren’t that funny or creative. I found one video on YouTube that pertained to another boycott of Target six years ago that involved a musical performed in the lobby of a Target. I struggled to understand the goal of the video but from a quick look at the description and comments section I was able to glean a bit of comprehension. Six years ago, Target gave a hundred and fifty thousand dollars to a conservative candidate in Minnesota, which many consumers saw as a betrayal of their original values. So, there were boycotts and demonstrations that spawned a couple youtube videos. One ended up being a music video of a performance in a Target with live music. Of course, this performance was by young liberal looking white people who happened to have some musical talents. Today, it seems that average citizens have more freedom to create their own footage and no one has made any parodies of any popular songs or any new or interesting videos. However, there are many personal takes on the situation posted by anyone with a smartphone. They all sound like some kind news show, reporting the issues and delivering a personal opinion and advising others to fall in suit. Perhaps, we could relate this to radio and say that new media has given any/everyone a platform to speak to the airwaves.


Media convergence is funny in how it affects both sides of an argument. New media giving hateful individuals a platform to join together in the face of progression. The counter chamber that these individuals can form through the internet is just as powerful as the vocal, progressive community’s. ISIS is building such a large following of Radicals in part through their promotion. Their connection through the web is powerful enough to warrant attention from the whole world. The conservative, Christians who are attempting to protect traditional gender roles are not quite at that point, however, their existence should be remembered.


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