Oh, Big Brother.


Comparing scenes from George Orwell’s 1984 to Donald Trump’s rallies does not strike a settling chord in the current race for the presidency. With themes reminiscent of Big Brother and The Two Minutes Hate, Bill Weld, a Libertarian VP candidate, draws this comparison via The Daily Kos. “This is the kind of America we’d be living in,” he says. Anyone who read 1984 in ninth grade English knows that this dystopian novel is deeply unsettling and increasingly similar to the state of government today. Showing over a thousand Facebook shares, this idea is spreading quickly and gaining the attention of users.


With the events of the past week ringing in the ears of voters (think: FBI reopening the case of Hillary’s email security fiasco), Trump has gained a lot of support around the country. States that have been traditionally moderate have started leaning toward support of Trump. In a post from WSJ’s Bluefeed Redfeed Facebook Analytics Tool, Chuck Todd walks viewers through the “Race to 270,” 270 being the number of electoral college votes needed by a candidate to win the presidency. This video, creatively relying on television, print, digital media, and social media, has gained influence in conservative circles for its depiction of Trump’s supposed popularity rise within the last week.

Pre-FBI report, WSBTV reports that Hillary had a substantial lead with 288 points to Trump with 158 points. After the report, Hillary had 256 points, and Trump had 259 points. The FBI fiasco could be working for Trump, especially during the week before Election Day. In the act of retaliation, Hillary released an ad reminding the public of Trump’s quickly-forgotten flaws during the heat of the FBI case. While many are switching their support from Hillary to Trump, Hillary essentially says through her ad, “Have you forgotten?” She reminds viewers that Trump is still the same candidate as two months ago—one who is an Islamophobic racist, sexist, and misogynist. Her ad preview post has received lots of attention, which speaks to the use of multiple media forms in the formulation of new advertisements and marketing materials today. Not only was Hillary’ ad released across multiple states via TV, but it was published online, spreading its influence to far greater reaches than a television ad that she hopes you see when you’re catching up on your daily news. In addition to its form, this ad is itself a combination of various clips from Trump throughout the years that depicts him saying numerous offensive statements that have surfaced throughout the election. If not convinced by childish name calling, Hillary is relying on Trump’s own words to defame him.


The race has come to a fascinating head, where we have been faced directly with the trust issues on Hillary’s side and reminders of the moral, social, and personal issues with Trump. It has become increasingly apparent through the race that Trump is not a man of positively influencing words. One video released from Western Journalism sought to highlight Trump’s bias toward action. The video depicts the story of a young boy with an illness that prevents him from flying on a plane. Upon receiving a call from the boy’s father, Trump agrees to send one of his personal jets to bring the child across the country to his desired destination. The costs were estimated to have reached $90,000 to transport the boy’s medical equipment, but Trump took care of it without question. The video ends with the quote, “Trump is a man of actions, not words.” Not words; that’s for sure. Will his actions through this popular video be enough to sway the public opinion of WJ’s following? Will Hillary’s reopened email scandal tank her chances of winning the election? Tune in next post for the riveting results!



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