Week 10 Discussion Questions

More Sources, Better Informed Public? New Media and Political Knowledge

  1. What is political knowledge? What are the three categories of political knowledge? How do you think that Political knowledge, education, and new media are related? Do you agree with the author analysis?
  1. Oxley explained in his words: “political information is to democratic politics what money is to economics: it is the currency of citizenship.” What does this statement mean to you? How important is political knowledge?
  1. According to the readings, where do people get the best political knowledge? As a social media generation, do you agree with the surveys statistics presented in the reading? Why or why not?


Inside Facebook’s (Totally Insane, Unintentionally Gigantic, Hyperpartisan) Political-Media Machine

  1. Who does the author identify as the “most disruptive and least understood media”? How is Facebook used for political activities?
  1.  How did the campaign of Occupy change from the nomination contest to the presidential campaign?Why do Facebook native pages seem more successful in attracting political attention than web publishers?
  1. Compare Make America Great, Terry Littlepage, and Liberty Alliance. Which has the best strategy? Do you believe these are accurate and legitimate?
  1. Would you more likely to get your info from an old media Facebook page or a native Facebook page? Why?


Audience Atomization Overcome: Why the Internet Weakens the Authority of the Press

  1. What is the sphere of consensus, controversy, and deviance? Based on the definition of the three spheres, in which category would you identify social and old media? Why?
  1. What does Len Downie means when he said: “we are not allowing ourselves to think politically”?
  1. Explain the different between Echo chamber and Counter chamber. Do you believe that blogging is important in political journalism? How does the internet weaken the press authority?






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