The Elephant in the Other Room

If gamergate is alive on facebook it lives a zombie life sustained by major news outlets. It seems that little if any discussion about the ‘issues’ actually occurs on facebook. Perhaps there are isolated conversations where your friend that posts too much runs into your other friend that post to much for an extended metadialogue on loneliness. As for any sort of concerted movement, or public dialogue, there seems to be none. This shouldn’t come as a particular surprise as anonymity on facebook is somewhat hard to maintain and anything  construed as offensive is pounced on before legal has to hear about it. It seems the only people really talking about gamergate in facebook are news sites.

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Sharing is Caring

Gamergate is a reliable source of clickbait since its instantiation. If anything undue media coverage has amplified what in reality is somewhat of a niche phenomenon. If you look at the gamegate hashtag what is obvious is not only the media’s obsession but a clear stance as well. Not a single article is defense of the movement, rather it is a record of various celebrities, and quasi celebrities, chiming in on the culture wars. When you look at the comments in these articles though, there is some lively debate. Mainly this debate is about the nuance of exactly why the gamergate movement should be condemned or the nitpicking of perceived implicit bias in anything these authors write. There seems to be a certain amount of self-gratifying circle jerking going on with statements such as, “Eat it misogynist dude-bros” garnishing some of the most likes. Then of course there is the obligatory sally from someone who rides out to its defense. I am sure this is more to play devil’s advocate, and gain the semblance of human contact, than out of any true conviction. For the most part they are apologists rather than activists. Trying to separate the movement from what it has been characterized as being; a campaign of hate.

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Sorry I Dozen Off For A Minute

Most interesting though is that even though just yesterday the anti defamation league labeled pepe the frog, one of the symbols they rally behind, as a symbol of hate, facebook has not stirred. Surprisingly, even though it is getting coverage in major news outlets themselves, no one has decided to pass on the news to facebook. The presence of gamergate on facebook is as dead as its self-proclaimed discussion group. The only thing more desolate than that is the thought of the person who keeps this thing alive. Although to be fair updates are intermittent at best, so hopefully we can assume they have other hobbies. Facebook is not a hub for gamergate. At best it is a gateway drug for full on inane comment wars on other platforms. Just like this sentence it is good for a redirect and that is about it.

America’s Finest

Facebook it seems is not a safe space for the gamergate movement, just the media outlets that profit off of it and the random folks trying to show their friends just how socially just they are. As we all know there is nothing more brave and effective than a facebook like and share. That’s your reputation your risking, not to mention carpal tunnel, and as we all know at the end of the day that’s all we have; The approval of our internet acquaintances or in facebook terms friends.


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