Welcome to the Great Table

Often in polite society, friendly celebration, or a dinner party certain topics are simply off the table. In an attempt to remain civilized politics and religion sit to the side giving way to amicable conversation. Religion can seem like a deterrent to conversation, because confessions or discussions of faith can appear uncomfortably preachy or overly familiar. Politics shares a taboo title with religion, but not because it uncomfortably quiets discussion. In fact too many people seem ready to spout out political beliefs, theories, and conspiracies seemingly daring anyone to raise contrasting opinions. This can cause a great annoyance among party-goers. However in the wondrous party of the internet this taboo is heavily encouraged. Nowhere does this seem truer than the great table of facebook where everyone can openly comment to their hearts’ content. In the modern age of facebook civility gives way to open discussion. Albeit riddled with countless troll, this forum offers a listener to that one overly zealous dinner guest. This blog post will center on looking more at general content instead of simple insults in regards to one of the most polarizing political seasons in living memory. Looking specifically at the passion and disillusionment persistent in those once sworn to Sanders’ campaign.

The easiest place to begin seems to be at the top. Searching Bernie Sanders will produce the various posts, but at the very top is the video posted below.



This video easily shows a Sanders that is against Donald Trump. Although this video does not come out and openly endorse Clinton it does heavily imply his feelings for who should be elected. With 264K views and 2.3K shares the message that the Senator wishes to express to his followers appears sufficiently spread. This would seemingly cement the Bernie fans to the Clinton camp. However, given the comment section nothing seems further from the truth.video-response

In fact all of the top comments, ranging from 936 likes to 221 likes, suggest that many Bernie fans are more disgruntled than ever. As in my first post I commented on the heated passion of the Bernie supports. These fires appear to have spread beyond the control of the Senator. These comments clearly show a belief that the principles behind the Sanders’ campaign are worth a fight even if the figurehead of the movement has been removed. Surprisingly these are the more sound and civil responses to post of this nature.

These reactions might seem to come from a video where he does not openly support her, but this seems like a general theme. In order to combat this revolution, as many have put it, Bernie Sanders has come out several times in hopes of putting out the message that third party voting and write-ins will do nothing but assure Trump wins.


Even openly endorsing Hillary and explaining the concept of how this political revolution will unfold is met with several passionate refusals. This gives the overall impression that many of his former supporters will not sit still nor be stifled by the government any longer. In this vein many memes have appeared as bite sized images meant to push home the point.


These memes use simple images and text but nonetheless spark endless comments and arguments on facebook. Below is a prime example of the steadfast beliefs behind the Bernie revolution. Forsaken by their champion theses followers have either too much pride or too much integrity to back down at this point.


It is clear that dissatisfaction among the Bernie supporters runs rampant. Generally comments on meme posts tend to run directly into name calling and trolling. This was one of the few posts with general content and not simply insults, and yet the bitterness can still be seen. So the question is what does this mean for the political environment and this year’s election?

Simply put it means that a colossal beast seems to be growing in the open discussion of the internet and despite the best effort of Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders people are refusing. Not simply refusing but gaining strength by connecting to other like-minded individuals. The fundamental cry stems from anger at the system in place. It seems to somewhat mirror the general discontent in the United States of America. This problem of splitting the vote stands as a resulting reflection for one of the most polarizing points of this political season.


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