“Now, you’re getting into semantics.” Yes, we are. No, Trump’s not.

Many liberal Facebook pages, marked by WallStreet Journal’s Facebook analytics tool as liberal according to the types of people that follow them, paint pictures of Trump that are slanderous and dramatic in nature. Daily Kos, a Liberal page from the analytics tool, has been receiving many shares from their latest posts about Trump’s dealings with Cuba. The page reports that Trump previously did business in Cuba while it was illegal to do so. Kennyanne Conway, his campaign manager, reportedly said that he didn’t actually make the deal, he just wanted to look and see if he could. Also illegal. Daily Kos: 1, Kellyanne Conway: 0.

On the conservative side, the slander is low as they are coming off of Monday night’s debate, where a perceived win for Donald took place. Brietbart’s Facebook page, followed heavily by conservatives according to WallStreet Journal’s Facebook analytics tool, received considerable attention from their post stating that the L.A. Times post reported a fat W for Trump. Amidst these conservative posts were a slew of satirical Facebook pages, not politically slanted per say, but with a clear intent to poke fun at Trump at the debate. A series of “inspirational posters” was released from BuzzFeed and shared on Facebook, sporting a few of Trump’s questionable quotes from the debate.





As reported on mashable.com on his sniffling, FOX News reports Trump saying, “No, no sniffles. You know, the mic was very bad, but maybe it was good enough to hear breathing, but no sniffles. No cold.”

An interesting article emerged from National Review’s Facebook page, which was a plea for Christians not to vote for Trump under the banner of Christianity. 957 likes affirmed the headline, saying that, sure, a Christian can vote for Trump, but it isn’t doing the faith much of a favor. Sticking to the faith’s conservative, well, Republican roots in this case perhaps isn’t the best call.

Another hot topic trending on Facebook has to do with Monday’s debate moderator Lester Holt and his questioning of Trump. Trump says that he was treated unfairly, and that Lester interrupted him multiple times, shutting down many of his responses, while allowing Hillary to speak freely. On the liberal side, the page If You Only News posted that Trump should basically stop complaining about Lester. “It’s been two days, you should quit moaning,” is the essence of their stance. This post moderately popular, with 120 shares and 194 likes, but nothing compared to American News, a well-known conservative Facebook page. With 2000 likes and 592 shares, American News posts that yes, he was very unfair, and quoted Trump’s appearance on Fox & Friends where he reportedly graded Lester’s moderation a “C, C+”. The page seems to slant Trump’s quotation by stating that it was a “devastating” hit for Lester to be graded this way on his performance, skipping over Trump’s quote that “I’m not complaining about that [his unfair questioning]. I thought he [Lester] was okay.”

A post from vox.com made an interesting point regarding Trump’s consistent contradiction with his words. The post shared on their Facebook stated that Trump often contradicts himself because he uses words in a way that either builds him up or tears someone else down. This means that at any given point, if it builds him up to state a particular fact or stance, he will state it. If it tears someone else down, and simultaneously builds him up, he will say it. It’s a power struggle. This hypothesis seems to fit the discrepancy between his view of Lester Holt’s performance as portrayed on Fox & Friends and other news outlets where it is either a huge deal or not a big deal at all that Holt was unfair.


Vox also says that Trump’s language seems to be used solely to win arguments, regardless of whether or not what he’s arguing for is consistent with his political agenda or rote factuality. In the debate on Monday, Trump directly said the words, “No, you’re wrong” to Lester Holt, the one person at the debate who is supposed to be the unbiased fact-checker. Trump did not seem to be interested in whether or not he was truly wrong, but that he won the fact battle at hand. With 293 likes and 104 shares on Facebook, it seems that Vox is onto something.

Finally, with over 10 million views, Golem13 released a video on Facebook of someone modeling their brand new Trump tee-shirt. It has Trump’s head with real hair that you can brush. I REPEAT: REAL HAIR. Check it out.




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