Sorry (not sorry) Trump.

If you are supporting Donald Trump, you are likely one among many in a #basketofdeplorables or someone of the Christian faith from Pensacola…at least, this is what you would guess based on recent buzz on Twitter. While scrolling through the results of the keyword search “Trump” it becomes clear that there are two sets of opinions. One side of the Twittersphere says Trump is a bigot who is despicable, racist, xenophobic, sexist, and supported by white supremacists. He’s publicly embraced Vladimir Putin, and this is reportedly a bad, bad thing. This side also claims that supporters of Trump are ignorant and unintellectual, with no moral center, and that his campaign is a joke. Hashtags frequently associated with posts from this side are #nevertrump and #imwithher.

The #TrumpTrain, on the other hand, seems to be comprised of conservative Christians who believe that Trump is a fine man of God, with His and the country’s best interests at heart. They say that he is interested in ensuring the safety of the United States as well as the support of Citizens United. They say he is absolutely #forthepeople, and will work to bring our nation back toward being a democracy and away from an oligarchy. This is interesting, considering Citizens United is all about giving big money to candidates in order to help them win the presidency, which leans more toward an oligarchy than a democracy. Supporters of Trump also say that his lack of political experience is what makes him a perfect candidate. He’s not corrupt like the rest of them, they say. These Trump supporters sprinkle their tweets with hashtags like #teamtrump, #trumppence16, and the classic hat slogan, #makeamericagreatagain.

A recent trend in tweets surrounds Hillary Clinton’s comment that Trump’s supporters are a “basket of deplorables.” The hashtag #basketofdeplorables has been recently trending from posts on both sides. One popular tweet in particular surrounding the issue comes from President Obama, “RT if you agree: We need a President who is fighting for all Americans, not one who writes off nearly half the country.” Trump supporters are retweeting this and praising Obama’s supposed support of Trump, perhaps without noticing that this tweet is from September of 2012. Replies to his tweet are asking Obama if he’s endorsing Trump or subtweeting Hillary, while @RamblingMother is trolling the page with dozens of tweets in response to Obama, mostly in opposition to Obama himself and not having anything to do with the current election.

Those in support of Trump have begun to happily and ironically refer to themselves as the #basketofdeplorables with tweets reading “We’re going to need a bigger basket” and even changing their twitter display names, as @NimbleNavgater did with “DEPLORABLE DANI” and @latinaafortrump’s “Deplorable Irma.” This change shows that people are using their sphere of influence and their presence online to make clear claims in support of Trump, while simultaneously poking at Hillary Clinton’s comment.

Hillary has come out and said “I’m sorry” to the United States about her #basketofdeplorables comment, which has sparked a lot of buzz surrounding the comments about which Trump has yet to submit an apology. Certainly memes and tweets have sought to twist his words in order to make him appear more racist and more xenophobic than he truly may be, but Trump’s apologies are far and few between. They are more similar to defenses than apologies. 

All in all, current Twittersphere seems to be more against Trump than for him. My casual data collecting over the course of an hour of scrolling reveals that for every three negative comments concerning Trump, there is about one positive comment…and that positive comment is usually from someone in Pensacola or a white conservative. This is not to say, however, that everyone who isn’t white doesn’t support Trump. The Twitter page @BlacksForTrump maintains a following of over five thousand people and @NeBonnie with the display name “LatinaForTrumpPence” has over four thousand followers.

Overall, the collection of ideas seems to be leaning toward #nevertrump and not #neverhillary. Sorry, Trump.


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