Week 6: Convergence Culture Questions

Convergence Culture:

  1. What is your own definition of media?
  2. Why does Jenkins say “Survivor” is TV for the internet age? What does that mean?
  3. What does Jenkins mean when he says that Spoilers have a lot of power, if they redirected it they could delve into the government? How does this affect our use of the internet?
  4. How can we trust the information we put out and take in on the internet? What is it about collective intelligence that doesn’t make us question the information very much?

Web 2.0:

  1. O’Reilly describes the Web 2.0 as the development of particular software, interfaces, and internet activity. Can these changes really be documented as one swift development? Why? Why not?
  2. The end of the release cycle means that developers are relying on user participation and response to update their software. Do you think this method has required a change within company operations?
  3. The revolution of the internet, particularly web 2.0, has allowed the spread of “collective intelligence.” How does O’Reilly say the internet has created a space to spread and share information?

Technology Today: Utopia or Dystopia

  1. What is your view on machines doing jobs previously done by humans?
  2. How does technology impact your life? How does it affect the practices and patterns of your everyday life?
  3. Do you feel technology gives you more freedom or constrains your choices?
  4. Do you feel that society has reached the “take-off” point? A point where no more technological growth and social integration is needed.
  5. Joseph Corn said that Americans expected the aviation innovations of the 1920- 1930s “to foster democracy, equality, and freedom; to improve public taste and spread culture; to purge the world of war and violence, and even to give rise to a new kind of human being.” Do you think the innovations in computer and telecommunications can foster these changes?

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