#gamergate : Another Look

#Gamergate is about as interesting as a damp rag and current as the mold on that rag. It makes third grade school yard bullying look sophisticated and witty. Initially the so called controversy began with the alleged #quinespiracy surrounding an indie video game developer, her obscure game “depression quest” and the self-entitled mewling of her then boyfriend. As it turns out Zoe Quine had been involved with other people while dating captain whinypants of which some were video game journalists.

Coining the Phrase

In particular one journalist was named with the false accusation that their affair had contributed to a positive review of her game. As the righteous indignation began to percolate amongst individuals whom are appalled by anything that distances itself from Victorian morality(#fiveguys, #burgerandfries), although god knows how they learned to use a computer, Adam Baldwin stepped on the scene. Even though he is awesome in the TV show Chuck he is anything but in real life. A ‘celebrity’ champion of the alt-right Mr. Baldwin first coined the term #gamergate.

Although there was some vague pretense at ‘discussion of video game journalism’ it quickly evolved into a concerted harassment campaign for the likes of #Zoequinne, #briannawu and #anitasarkeesian and then promptly devolved into the vapid wet farts that it amounts to today. On the self proclaimed official twitter account of #gamergate @GamerGating there seems to be a litany of attacks against presidential candidate, former first lady, senator and secretary of state Clinton with a deranged veneration of the even more deranged ramblings of presidential candidate, failed businessman, compulsive liar, explicitly racist and scandal prone Trump.

Coining the Movement

Much similar occurs on Mr. Baldwin’s account. Often these blatant attacks on the sensibilities, logic and the English language draw recourse to the predacious and cynical ramblings of Brietbart. Notable for the association with the trump campaign, having a lead editor banned from twitter for tacitly organizing a racist campaign against Leslie Jones and monetizing the anger of the abandoned white working class. They and their subscribers are fond of describing their perceived foes in their grand mythical, and let us emphasize mythical, battle in the culture wars as #SJW;  an acronym for “social justice warrior”. This pretty much includes anyone who finds such acts as sending pictures of dead dogs to someone whose beloved pet has just passed away, rape/threats and doxxing people, which is the publicly posting of someone’s address ect. with the hope that the even crazier will come out of the woodwork, as deplorable.

Of course many people have risen to the perceived threat such a gaggle of neckbeards, with far too much time, present and thus in turn have been lashed out by the nest of limp noodles, or vipers, that #gamergate represents. In actuality they have simply risen to the bait and descended to the lowest common denominator; which seems to be a pulse and internet connection. Although the alleged ‘protestors’(trolls) of gamergate seem to be winning a battle on earth so scorched the sun would spit it back out they are most certainly losing the war.

The Coinclusion

The fact of the matter is the culture war is over. Now it is time to dig out the last few holdouts from their entrenched position in the rubble of their bigoted world view. Of course these people still make up slightly less than 50% of the United States but in our republican system that is all that matters. They are finally the minority and it seems they are not enjoying the minority experience all that much.

Like a rabid chinchilla trapped in a corner they are lashing out at their imagined attackers, which with such a delusional worldview are thoroughly imagined, while perennially crying victim. A method pioneered by notable sexual predator Roger Ailes that rocketed Fox news to prominence driven by a movement William F. Buckley  began. Ultimately in such a shitstorm of fuckgiraffes nobody comes out looking good but some people come out looking notably worse. Luckily they have each other which explains the continued interest in the internet’s biggest sideshow.




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